Practice Freedom Method™ Success Path

  • Generate Endless Referrals

    At the heart of all referrals are referral relationships between people. The better, more valuable the referral relationship, the more referrals are generated. We show you how to create and develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with existing and new referral sources. We teach you how to capitalize on opportunities using workshops, presentations and events to exponentially generate referrals to accelerate practice grow.

  • Creating an Amazing Patient Experience

    What truly separates one practice from another, in the minds of patients, is the experience they have in our clinic. We show you how to create powerful patient experiences from the initial intake call, the patient evaluation, on-going visits, patient discharge, and post discharge follow-up. This results in better compliance, reduced cancellations and increased visits.

  • Hiring the Right People

    The best way to scale your practice and reduce 60-hour work weeks, is by hiring great people. Using a proven hiring process can increase your chances of hiring amazing people to your team, AND reduce the stress often associated with interviewing and hiring. We show you a four-step process to recruit -> interview -> onboard -> train new hires for any position in your practice.

  • Building a Rock-Solid Team

    Many PT owners have employees. Few have teams. The differences are HUGE! Building a cohesive team who can work together towards a common goal is essential to growing and expanding a practice. We teach strategies on effective communication, time management and organization allowing staff members to achieve personal success in their position, and successful growth of the company.

  • Creating Financial Clarity

    Every practice owner deserves the utmost financial success for the risk they’ve taken and the value they’re providing to their community. Operation and financial metrics allow owners to have clarity in the business is running. We teach you the key metrics one needs to monitor to run your practice. We also show you trouble shooting strategies to quickly identify declining trends and problem areas, and strategies to fix them.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Message From Jamey

    • Lighthouse Leader Program Information Packet

    • Lighthouse Leader Resource Center: Table of Contents

    • New Member 90 Day Checklist

    • VUCA Article on Leadership (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous

  2. 2
    • Tier Coaching Calls

    • Office Hour Coaching Calls

    • Pop Up Trainings

    • Implementation Workshops

    • PFU Client Directory

  3. 3
    • The Importance of a Foundation

    • Start With WHY

    • Creating Your Origin Story & Developing Core Values

    • The Yearly Practice Planner™

    • Using The 90-Day Sprint

    • 90 Day Sprint Template

    • 30-Day Sprint Template

    • Mini-Debrief Form

  4. 4
    • Lesson 1: Creating the Future

    • Lesson 2: Developing Your Bigger Vision

    • Assignment: BIGGER Vision Homework

    • Lesson 3: Scarcity vs Abundance

    • Lesson 4: Attitude of Gratitude

    • Handout: Gratitude Triangle

    • Lesson 5: Operate in Authenticity

    • QUIZ: Module 1 Developing Your Vision

    • Module Transcripts

  5. 5
    • Lesson 1: Ideal Client

    • Assignment: Ideal Client Homework

    • Lesson 2: Developing Referral Partnerships

    • Assignment: Referral Partnership Homework

    • Lesson 3: PPS Conversation

    • Handout: PPS Conversation

    • Lesson 4: Relationship Building Conversation

    • Handout: Email Your List

    • QUIZ: Module 2 Relationship Marketing

    • Module 2 Transcripts

  6. 6
    • Lesson 1: Why People Cancel

    • Internal vs External Engagement

    • Handout: Patient Engagement Cycle

    • Lesson 3: Initial Intake

    • Assignment: Post Intake Patient Engagement Email

    • Lesson 4: Initial Evaluation (Part 1)

    • Lesson 5: Initial Evaluation (Part 2)

    • Handout: Initial Evaluation (Part 2)

    • Lesson 6: (QA) Check In

    • Lesson 6: BONUS - Quality Assurance Training Video

    • Handout: Quality Assurance

    • Lesson 7: Discharge

    • Handout: Post Discharge

    • Patient Engagement Emails & Masterclass Recording

    • QUIZ: Module 3 Patient Engagement

    • Model 3 Transcripts

  7. 7
    • Lesson 1: Introduction

    • Handout: Office Manager Job Description

    • Lesson 2: Attract

    • Attract Your Ideal Candidate (Handout)

    • Assignment: Example PT Job Ads

    • Lesson 3: Qualify

    • Handout: Qualify (Interview Questions)

    • Lesson 4: Onboard

    • Handout: Onboarding Checklist

    • Lesson 5: Train

    • Handout: Training

    • QUIZ: Module 4 Right Fit Hiring

    • Module 4 Transcripts

  8. 8
    • Lesson 1: Importance of Free Days

    • Lesson 2: Chunking Activities

    • Assignment: Chunking Activities Handout and Homework

    • BONUS: Handling Patients When Reducing Owner Hours

    • Handout: Reducing Treatment Hours

    • Lesson 3: High Energy vs Low Energy Activities

    • Lesson 4: Delegate

    • Lesson 4: BONUS: Confidence Toolbox

    • Assignment: Create Your Confidence Toolbox

    • QUIZ: Module 5 Time Mastery

    • Module 5: Transcripts

  9. 9
    • Lesson 1: Importance of Communication

    • Handout: Having Difficulty Conversations Using Clarity Conversation

    • Lesson 2: Handling Employee Confusion

    • Lesson 3: Handling Difficult Employees

    • QUIZ : Module 6 Communication

    • Module 6 Transcripts

  10. 10
    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Simple Financial Dashboard

    • Download: Simple Financial Dashboard

    • Handout: Key Financial Metric Definitions

    • Lesson 2: Key Metrics and Identifying Problems

    • Lesson 3: Troubleshooting Metrics

    • QUIZ: Module 7 Financial Mastery

    • Module 7 Transcripts

  11. 11
    • Lesson 1: How to Grow and Scale

    • Module 8 Transcripts

  12. 12
    • Webinar Series Recordings

    • Sales Training for Cash-Based Services

    • Recruiting Therapy Rockstars: The 14-Day Accelerator for Hiring the Right Candidates

    • Business Financial Masterclass

    • Recruitment & Hiring Masterclass

    • 5 Minute Training Series

    • How to Buy Back Your Time: Activity Audit

    • How to Buy Back Your Time: Delegating Activities

    • How to Buy Back Your Time: Creating the Perfect Week

    • How to Buy Back Your Time: Simple Hacks (shortcuts)

  13. 13
    • The Practice Owner's Done-For-You Email Marketing Template Suite

    • Profit Power Workshop™

    • Opportunity Analyzer™

    • How to Hire VA's

    • Recommended Reading List

Together we can regain the business you’ve longed for. Together we can infuse the passion and love back into your business and your life.

Course Instructor

Founder & CEO - Practice Freedom U

Jamey Schrier, PT

Jamey is a best-selling author, speaker and CEO of Practice Freedom U, a business training and coaching company that helps private practice owners work less and earn more. His book, The Practice Freedom Method, has helped scores of practice owners discover their road to a more prosperous business and life. Jamey has coached hundreds of therapists break free of the struggles of business ownership and help them achieve Practice Freedom.

Jamey’s mission continues to be helping other physical therapists prosper in and out of the clinic. He created Practice Freedom U with the purpose of providing real-world strategies and methodology, a sense of community, and coaching support to help transform the lives of his students, their families, and their staff.